Home health care is an appropriate alternative for most clients, whether they are recovering from hospitalization or coping with long-term challenges.

Tender Care accepts clients for home care based on the following:

  • The extent to which the client’s medical and social needs can be appropriately met in the home. This includes meeting medical emergencies and safety issues.
  • The disposition of the client and his/her family toward home health care.
  • The accessibility of the physician at times when it may be necessary to contact him/her in regard to the client and his/her care, including after normal office hours.

Our staff is paid weekly by Tender Care, Inc. Each employee will ask the client or family member to sign their time sheet daily or weekly. Before signing the time sheet, please be sure that the dates and times are correct. Also, please do not pay the aides directly for any of the services provided; Tender Care will bill the appropriate source for payment.

Our employees will come to your home dressed in uniform, including a name tag. If the client or family members prefer that the caregiver dress in street clothes, Tender Care will allow the employee to dress in clothes that are neat, clean, and appropriate in appearance.

For private duty aides who may be in the home for extended periods, the aides should bring their own meals. This is not the client’s responsibility. You may offer ice, water, and space for the aide to store his/her meal in the refrigerator—but it is not required.

Do Tender Care’s Employees Transport The Client To the Doctor?

Our employees cannot transport the client to the doctor unless the client is a private pay client and prior arrangements have been made.

How is Home Care Prescribed?

Home care can be requested by family members, clients, doctors, or case workers. Tender Care’s RN Supervisors work with the client, and his or her family members, doctors, or social workers to create a personalized Plan of Care. As your conditions or care requirements change, your Plan of Care may be revised. This Plan of Care is a guide for the in-home aide that will be providing service. The RN Supervisor works with the in-home aides to ensure that the Plan of Care is properly followed. The in-home aides chart their activities, and any deviances from the Plan of Care are followed up by the RN Supervisor. The RN Supervisor also visits or calls the client monthly to assess the appropriateness of the services being given.